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Technology which safeguards your success!

We accompany you of the concept about the realization until the putting into operation of your plants for the production of medical/pharmaceutical products. We plan and develop your projects to GMP norms.

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, your specialist, uses up-to-date technologies which secures success for you in your future. By means of modern management tools we supervise planning, assembly and put into operation so that your plants are prepared on scheduled, in a certain and cheaply way. Of course our projects are subject to an absolute quality control.

Our customers are informed about the current stand of their projects. Changes and wishes are immediately realized, so that the greatest flexibility is granted to the projects.

Convince yourself of our offer now!

We plan the following areas:

  • Production and packing of oral, firm drug forms

  • Sterile production and packing of simple or complexly combined Parenteral

  • Production, filling and packing of liquids, solutions and suspension

  • Sterile production, filling and packing of ampoules, bottles, bags and syringes with Isolar or conventional technology


Experienced specialists qualify your projects

Our specialists have long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. We validate and qualifiy your plants that were planned by us and of course also other projects in order that they comply with the regulations of the GMP or FDA (Food and Drug administration).

Of course we also carry out revalidations. Have you plants which have to be qualified and validated additionally? No big deal, you establish contact with us, and we will send you an offer.

A good concept helps to save costs

A suitable concept, concrete ideas and a comprehensive analysis make the early reconnaissance of critical processes possible and reduce costs. We examine and make feasibility studies, work out outlines with you and provide a smooth project carrying out.


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